The EasyLock is a simple but incredibly strong temporary door lock. It is ideal for securing a door when travelling or in rented accommodation. Anywhere in fact where someone else may have a key or access to the room.
The latch plate is made from high strength stainless steel as is the sliding mechanism while the core of the lock is manufactured from chromium plated steel, encased in strong ABS plastic with a soft plastic edge, ensuring that the lock will never fail under attack.

Incredibly simple to install in just seconds, the Easy Lock will prevent anyone, even with a key, from opening the door.

If you are staying away from home in a hotel, rental or student accommodation, or even if you need extra security in your own home, The Easy Lock will hold the door secure against intruders and keep you safe.

Additionally, the EasyLock has a unique feature which enables you to easily open the door sufficiently to identify a caller, or receive a note or identification.

The EasyLock is one of the most secure methods of temporarily securing a door. It is lightweight, lighter than an Iphone. It is super strong and incredibly simple to use.

Hotel Safety

When travelling to distant shores it is comforting to know that you are safe in the knowledge that your room will be secure irrespective of whether room service, housekeeping or maintenance have access. Read more…

Rental Property

Ideal for renters. Easy & quick to put in place and provides an excellent level of security. Rental properties rarely change locks after a change of tenants and so you are never sure who still has access to the property.
Read more…

Student Accommodation

Staying on campus or in a dorm. The EasyLock is an ideal addition to the room security, safe in the knowledge that even if someone has a copy of the key they cannot gain access.
Read more…
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The EasyLock is the first temporary door lock designed to be portable, lightweight, easy to fit and remove. It’s core is made of stainless steel.
Suitable for Hotel Guests, Rental Tenants, College Students and anyone who wants control over who has access to their room.

Easy to Use

The EasyLock is a portable door lock, designed to be effective, and easy to use:
It only takes a minute to learn how to use and operate.

To secure the door.
Open the door
Place stainless steel latch into the lockplate in door frame
Press down the lock until firm
Check door security

To see who is at the door or receive documents or ID.
Put slight pressure on latch plate pressing towards the door
Lift the lock
Slide back until door is open
Keep pressure against the door

To remove the lock.
Put slight pressure on latch plate towards the door
Lift the lock
Slide back to the end of the latch
Open door whilst moving lock away from the door

An Introduction to The EasyLock