You’ve signed the lease and are about to move into your new flat or house. It’s an exciting time moving all your possessions in and making the place your own. Be vigilant however… even though the house or flat feels safe and secure you need to think about security. The locks may look heavy duty but it’s a common habit for rental properties not to change the locks from tenant to tenant, due to cost and ease. Previous tenants may well have made copies of the keys for partners/friends/family, cleaners or workmen may have had spare keys that they forgot to return. Your landlord or landlady will have keys, they may use agents who also have keys, also a maintenance team and friends/family may have a set in case of emergency. Worrying when you stop to reflect just how many strangers could have access to your home, at any time of the day or night.

Your security and that of your possessions is unfortunately in question. It is usually forbidden to make any changes to a rental property. The landlord would probably not allow you to fit additional bolts or permanent security devices on the door. Changing the lock would probably also not be an option unless you wanted to fit the hefty bill for a new lock and several sets of keys.

An excellent and cost effective solution is a temporary door lock that does not damage the front door while providing total security. The EasyLock is a portable door lock that you can also take with you when you leave or travel. It is lightweight, incredibly strong and easy to fit. It’s the answer if you want peace of mind in your new pad.


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