Summer is nearly here and everyone is talking about holidays, whether it’s over a coffee with a friend, on social media, or in the Post Office queue. It’s May’s hot topic! Holiday frenzy has gripped and people are starting to search the internet to find their ideal get away, stocking up on sun cream, foreign currency, and the latest maxi dress and espadrille combination (or so they tell me…) to promenade along la playa!

I started to think about holiday trends and how they have changed over the years. Nowadays, many of the younger generation are choosing to take ‘wellness’ holidays, so yoga retreats and fitness based holidays, which I find fascinating, a lot healthier than drinking as much beer as you can in the sun and eating fish and chips!

It was also interesting to read that websites, social media and online review sites play an extremely significant role in holiday decisions, the power of the internet rules again! Thanks to the UK’s economic recovery it seems that more people are heading abroad this year but those who choose to holiday in the UK do so, not for cost reasons, but for convenience and ease of escape. Beautiful Cornwall is still the UK’s most popular holiday destination and for those travelling abroad, the popular choice is Spain, with USA coming a close second.

While the nation plans their holiday itineraries and ‘what to pack’ lists, as always I urge people to consider their security on holiday. Wherever you go in the world, whatever holiday accommodation you book, your personal safety and that of your belongings is of the utmost importance. The EasyLock, the portable, temporary door lock is lightweight, portable, incredibly strong and simple to use and most importantly will keep you safe whichever type of holiday you choose.

Along with your passport, factor 50 sun cream and your sunglasses, make The EasyLock your holiday packing essential. You won’t lose any sleep worrying about security in advance of your holiday, and with the EasyLock on your holiday accommodation door you’ll be able to sleep like a baby, rather than with one eye open for any strange bump you might hear in the night…

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