Hotel wi-fi is now seen as an essential service for holiday and business travellers alike. Indeed a secure and reliable digital connection is a prequisite for most individuals travelling away from home and overseas, with people now using a multitude of digital devices, from smartphones to tablets. We expect to be able to work and update our digital lives seamlessly and in complete safety, without incurring expensive roaming costs from network providers. However a recent survey has thrown this assumption into doubt and makes for worrying reading. A recent investigation by security firm Cylance found an astonishing vulnerability in an Internet router that it said is in use at 8 of the world’s top 10 hotel chains! Not only can the router be hijacked and be made to reveal user details, such as passwords, bank account numbers etc, it is also directly interfaced with the hotel’s so-called Property Management System (PMS), which tracks everything from billing to room keys and in-room temperature. In a worst-case scenario a hacker could seize control of the vulnerable router, hop into the PMS, copy all available credit cards and their owners details, and change the locks on a few doors, so rendering the plastic keycards useless.This is one of the reasons that I developed The EasyLock. That plastic keycard that you assume keeps you safe in your room is vulnerable. This is why it’s vital that a further layer of protection is used, a good old fashioned physical solution, a true lock that cannot be tampered with!  The EasyLock will totally secure the door of your hotel, whilst allowing you to open the door a chink to check the identity of a caller or to receive a letter. It will keep you and your family safe, when technology lets you down.


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One thought on “Are You Safe When You Check In To a Hotel? 

  • 25th October 2015 at 6:01 pm

    We are in a hotel with interconnecting room. Have to say the lock is brilliant. More than happy with the kids next door as the lock can not be hit passed without a sledge hammer!!!!

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