As a Father and a Grandfather Father’s Day is very special for me, it’s great to hear from my children, and even grandchildren, all around the world. It’s a great excuse for them to pick up the phone or even better to Skype. If I’m really lucky I might even get a gift!

Men are notoriously hard to buy presents for but one thing most Dads love is a gadget. I may be biased but The EasyLock might be one of the most useful gadgets to date! It’s unbreakable and I designed it so it will completely secure the majority of inward opening doors*, anywhere on the globe. It’s the lightest of its kind in the world, and the only one to allow users to open the door a chink to take a letter or check a caller’s identity. I hate to sound as though I’m plugging my own product but hand on heart most fathers who I know would love to receive one, and they would be in good company too with celebrity fathers such as Tom Fletcher and Matt Willis from McBusted and Samuel L Jackson owning one!  There’s plenty of time to order your lock in time for Father’s Day. It is small enough to fit in a pocket, and the perfect size to send off as a gift.

The EasyLock will provide Dads with vital extra security for business trips, and also for family holidays. Fathers may also want to provide further security for their family at home at night, do you really know who has keys to your front door? Where did that set of keys that the family lost end up? The lock is as light as plastic, as strong as stainless steel, and can be fitted in seconds.

*The EasyLock will fit all inward opening doors with a minimum 2mm visible gap between the door and frame.




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