What an exciting few weeks it has been in the UK with the election and the birth of a new Royal baby. Whether you are a royalist or not, it’s hard not to be excited about the arrival of a beautiful bouncing baby! I decided to mark the occasion with a give-away of free locks to people with the regal name of Charlotte. The competition is still running until 19th May on our Facebook page, check it out here: www.facebook.com/theeasylock. There are still some locks to be won so if you know anyone called Charlotte then do let them know about the competition – a free Easylock could be heading their way!

All this talk of babies made me think about The EasyLock and how it could be useful for families with small children. I’ve had lots of feedback from happy customers saying that they have used it on holiday to secure hotel rooms, apartments, villas, b&bs etc. Most people crave good long sleeps on holiday, but if you’re on edge as a parent wondering if someone could slip into your room at night whilst you and the little ones are in a deep sleep then you may be in for a wakeful night. But if you know that the door is totally secured against intruders, you can switch off. Conversely it also keeps little explorers inside a hotel room! One lady told me that on one of their holidays their children had woken early, opened their hotel room door, crept out, and were wandering the hotel corridors in the small hours. Thankfully they found them before they left the hotel. Having an EasyLock on their next holiday allowed them to sleep soundly, without the worry that the little ones could escape again.

It’s not only on holiday that The EasyLock comes into its own, it can be used in the home too. I have had feedback from mothers of newborns who have used the lock to totally secure their front door so they can grab forty winks whilst their baby is having their daytime nap. Another mother of small children told me that she used The EasyLock to secure her bedroom door to have an uninterrupted nap whilst Dad looked after the children. It stopped the children bursting into the bedroom waking her, as would usually happen.

I’m sure Princess Catherine isn’t disturbed during her daytime naps but for many mothers of little ones, The EasyLock could be a Godsend on holiday or at home.

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