Election fever is gripping the country in the UK, you can’t turn on the TV or radio without a party political broadcast or one of the candidates waxing lyrical about something.

Whether you are gripped to your TV screens or can’t bear politicians droning on for one more second, the election certainly divides the nation. It also divides families – if next Thursday is the highlight of your year, if you’ve been waiting for this historical night for 5 years but your family would rather watch paint dry than enjoy an evening of politics on the television – The EasyLock maybe the solution to enjoy your evening of politics without interruption!

Firstly, set yourself up in the living room with snacks, drinks and settle down on the sofa for your much anticipated political TV fest. Secondly use The EasyLock to secure yourself in the room, you can so this very easily and in seconds so the rest of the family can’t rush in to change the channel and interfere with your night’s viewing.

So there you have it, a safe secure room for you to revel in the evening’s political unfoldings – safe from any unwanted disturbances (just a very unhappy family…!).