The holiday season is upon us and many people took advantage of the Easter bank holiday and took off on holiday to find the sun.

A friend went on holiday to Turkey with her family over Easter. She was amazed how poor the security was in the house that they rented. With no internal chain on the front door, it meant that the key was the only way to secure the door. If you think how many people will have rented the holiday house over the years, any one of these people could have had a copy made. Cleaners would probably also have a set of keys so they can quickly clean the house in the turnover time before the next guests arrive. There will also be a set of keys in the holiday rental office, these are normally kept under lock and key but still you just don’t know who might have a set of keys to your holiday accommodation.


Luckily my friend had a wonderful holiday and they were safe but I do wish I had given her an Easylock as she told me that she didn’t sleep well at night as she was worried about security. Apparently any creak or bump in the night made her jumpy.

Holidays are such a special time to spend with family and friends. We work all year to save up our money and holiday entitlement for a magical few days so it’s a real shame if a holiday is ruined due to security issue, which could have been prevented with the EasyLock.

Some customer feedback also came through this week which makes me so glad I embarked on this adventure to create The EasyLock. The customer wrote: “I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you have invented this product. It’s exactly what I’ve desperately needed as a woman. I hate sleeping at night…the amount of times I have been robbed while sleeping or people and strangers have burst into my room. I have needed this for so long…”

Feedback like this certainly helps me sleep soundly, knowing one more person is also sleeping soundly on their holidays.

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