This week has been a great week for The EasyLock team, on Tuesday I met with one of my team in London for a very interesting meeting at the BBC, we can’t divulge what the meeting was for (or we really would have to kill you…) but if all goes ahead it could be a real turning point for the EasyLock brand and a great experience for the team involved.

I wanted to show my contacts at the BBC how exactly The EasyLock works and to really bring The EasyLock to life I had to create a door prop.  So for 2 days last week, I became a carpenter! It was great fun building the door with a hotel lock, I was very impressed with the finished product. I felt I needed the team at the BBC just how unsafe hotel locks can be and how much safer people are when they fit as EasyLock. You’ll be glad to know I’m back to my day job now as an entrepreneur though…The meeting went very well and we will keep everyone informed of the outcome.

As well as the BBC meeting, my colleague and I travelled around London meeting up with journalists from Essentials, Woman’s Weekly and Family Traveller magazines. In this day and age there are so many ways to contact and follow the media:  email, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – but you really can’t beat a good old fashioned face to face meeting with a journalist to physically show them how the product works and to hear The EasyLocks story straight from the horse’s mouth.

It has been fascinating meeting up with different media types and seeing their reactions to The EasyLock, the journalists had some great suggestions and their input (as is everyone’s) is invaluable.

Special times for The EasyLock, we’ll keep you posted on the results of this week’s exciting meetings.

Bob Fitzjohn

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